Q] What else do you do?

A] In addition to photography, I hold a full-time position as the Director of Marketing for a commercial real estate company in Dallas.

Q] Where are you available to work?

A] While I live in Dallas, I regularly shoot in the Houston, Austin and San Antonio areas. I consider “Texas” to be my base of operations. See the next Q&A…

Q] Are you available for travel?

A] On a case-by-case basis, yes. Please contact me to discuss specifics and I will work with you to meet your request. Traveling costs must be covered by the client including fuel, flights and hotel accommodations.

Q] I want to shoot with you but I have questions about everything! What do I do?

A] By all means reach out to me via the contact page and I will work with you to answer any questions and resolve any concerns you may have.

Q] What do I need to bring or wear?

A] Depending on the nature of your session, required clothing and/or props will be discussed during your consultation. For most shoots, simply bring yourself, clothing you feel comfortable and confident in, and a relaxed attitude and all will go well.

Q] Can I bring a friend/friends to my shoot?

A] Yes. I do my best to ensure the atmosphere is always light but I do encourage friends to be invited as they can help you stay comfortable and keep things loose. Please note, this is to be observed within reason, if you have any questions please contact me prior to your shoot.

Q] Are your images copyrighted? *

A] Yes. Purchased prints and digital downloads include unobtrusive watermarks. (*rights may be obtained through special arrangements made during your consultation)

Q] Can I share your pictures online?

A] Yes. As long as my watermark remains on the image and credit is given as due. My photos are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes unless rights are purchased.

Q] Can I get the rights to your images? *

A] Yes, you can purchase the full-resolution set of files which will be put onto a DVD disc and mailed to you. Rights are sold per each full set of images and not on a per-image basis. Please contact me for more details. (*rights may be obtained through special arrangements made during your consultation)

Q] Are prints included with my session costs?

A] Unless specifically arranged during your consultation, no, prints are available through the proofing gallery you will be provided at reasonable prices. Prints are high quality, color-corrected, delicately packaged and should arrive to you within 5 business days of your order.