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2004 Corvette Z06, Fikse FM/10 Wheels

Photos: New Fikse FM/10 Wheels

One month of ownership worth of upgrades… I’m hoping the “mod fever” wears off a bit soon!

2004 Corvette Z06, Fikse FM/10 Wheels 2004 Corvette Z06, Fikse FM/10 Wheels

Well, it’s been one month since I purchased my new car and I’ve been modding and fixing little things here and there almost every single day!

I found a nice set of Fikse wheels for sale down in Houston on a Tuesday night… my weekend was already full and I didn’t want to wait until the following Monday so, naturally, I made a trip down to Houston (and back) Wednesday evening after work. It was a long time to be stuck in the car but it was well worth it!

I took these photos a few nights later out behind a local Firestone. The only ambient lighting was coming from the water tower lights in the background and some soft light from a Walgreens behind the camera about 200 yards away.

I set up a tripod and shot these as 6 second exposures with my Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 wide open. A small amount of processing was performed in Lightroom to bring out the colors and I think these turned out great!

I’m very happy with these Fikse wheels and I love how photogenic this car is!

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