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A] FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter – more to come!

Q] What else do you do?

A] In addition to photography (and a plethora of hobbies), I hold a full-time position as the Director of Marketing for The John T. Evans Company, Inc. in Dallas. I am also Co-Founder of REVIVRR, a free, simplified commercial real estate listing & search platform.


A] It’s in the works! I’n the near future I’ll have an online shop with limited edition prints, fine art photography prints, and various merchandise.

Q] Where are you available to work?

A] While I live in the Dallas area, I regularly shoot in the Houston, Austin and San Antonio areas. I consider “Texas” to be my base of operations. See the next Q&A…

Q] Are you available for travel?

A] Yes! I love to travel for work! Please contact me to discuss specifics and I will work with you to meet your request.

Q] I want to shoot with you but I have questions about everything! What do I do?

A] By all means reach out to me via the contact page and I will work with you to answer any questions and resolve any concerns you may have.

Q] What do I need to bring or wear?

A] Depending on the nature of your session, required clothing and/or props will be discussed during your consultation. For most shoots, simply bring yourself, clothing you feel comfortable and confident in, and a relaxed attitude.

Q] Can I bring a friend/friends to my shoot?

A] Yes. I do my best to ensure the atmosphere is always light but I do encourage friends to be invited as they can help you stay comfortable and keep things loose.

Q] Are your images copyrighted?

A] Yes. Images include unobtrusive watermarks. (*rights may be obtained through special arrangements made during your consultation)

Q] Can I share your pictures online?

A] Yes, please do! All I ask is that you please give credit as due. My photos or designs are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes unless rights are purchased.

Q] Can I get the rights to your images?

A] Yes. Please contact me for more details.

Q] Are prints included with my session costs?

A] Unless specifically arranged during your consultation, no. If you would like prints, please contact me to work through what you would like to order. Prints are high quality, color-corrected, delicately packaged and should arrive to you within 5 business days after your order.